iQ Operating System

iQ Operating System BOFA Patented Technology

Advanced extraction monitoring and control system

The new and revolutionary iQ Operating System performs at two distinct levels. Where operators benefit from the
ease of operation and clarity of real time information, the system also provides a cache of analytical data enabling
users to download performance and operating parameters for evaluation purposes.

iQ Display

DeepPleat DUO

DeepPleat DUO & DeepPleat BOFA Patented Technology

Save filter life and money with our unique pre-filter

The DeepPleat DUO has been uniquely designed to deal with the high volumes and
variety of particulate generated during laser applications.

BOFA DeepPleat & DeepPleat DUO Filters
Reverse Flow Air Technology

Reverse Flow Air Technology

Enhance filter capture performance and ensure longer filter life

The Reverse Flow Air technology feature causes a fall in velocity and air direction change. Larger particulate falls out of the
airstream into the filters drop out chamber. With less particulate entering the filter media the filter life is significantly increased.
Contaminated air entering the drop out chamber is pulled vertically through the filters.

Reverse Flow Air Technology
Advanced Carbon Filter Technology

Advanced Carbon Filter Technology

Assured safe capture and removal of hazardous fumes

Many years of designing and manufacturing fume extraction and filtration systems for a variety of industries has given BOFA the experience and expertise to ensure that our product solutions are the best available on the market. Our understanding of industrial processes and applications are reflected in the design and manufacturing procedures applied to our range of patented filters.

Smart Filter Technology

Smart Filter Technology

Assured filter performance with added safety for your
extraction system, using the
iQ Intelligent Operating System

SF Technology incorporating proven RFID Technology. Each filter has a uniquely coded non-removable label allowing the
iQ Operating System to establish authenticity and suitability of the filter being used. This works with the iQ system to
keep the extraction system working at the best possible level, with the highest performance.

Smart Filter Technology
Patented Technology

Patented Technology

BOFA has patented its latest technology, including the iQ Intelligent Operating System and DeepPleat DUO.

At BOFA, we invest in innovation and our products have a heritage of being tried, tested and trusted for nearly 30 years. As the market leader, we are proud of our product designs and technology and take great care in protecting this intellectual property and our integrity.

Our product range includes aspects which are protected under patent copyright, design copyright, registered design and trade mark laws. BOFA will take the necessary legal action against any party manufacturing, distributing, selling or dealing with any article which infringes our right towards our products.

Our products are protected by the following patent numbers.

Filter Assembly (DeepPleat DUO pre filter) GB2 499 495

iQ Operating System GB2 499 812