The revolutionary iQ Operating System performs at two distinct levels. Where operators benefit from the ease of operation and clarity of real time information, the system also provides a cache of analytical data enabling users to download performance and operating parameters for evaluation purposes.

The introduction of the iQ operating system addressed a number of key concerns. In most industrial applications and especially where production is 24/7 the term “downtime” is the dreaded enemy of the production manager and his team. Any viable solution which helps maintain and maybe even enhance productivity through reduced maintenance would be welcomed news to all.

The iQ operating system incorporates a method for monitoring the status of both the pre filter and combined (main) filter. Pre blockage warnings provide operators with ample time to prepare for a change and uniquely when a filter change is needed the system is able to indicate exactly which filter requires change, thus significantly reducing the uncertainly and time taken to undertake a filter replacement.

The iQ also provides the facility to download operation data which can either be locally or remotely (via the internet) evaluated. In many cases the number of costly and time consuming service call outs may be reduced or even eliminated all together.

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The iQ Operating System.
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iQ Operating System

Patented Technology.
>> Patented Technology
Patented Technology

  • Feature Highlights:

  • Black on White LCD display

  • Clear and simple real time features

  • Independent filter condition monitoring

  • Real time airflow reading and set point

  • Run hours displayed / Real time log

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Extraction running indicator

  • Hose blocked warnings

  • System interfacing

  • Cool-Clean air option

  • Remote diagnostics via USB connection

  • “Black Box” event log

  • Remote configuration

  • Performance evaluation and presentation graphs

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