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There’s a team of experienced sales, service and marketing professionals at BOFA, all ‘on call’ for customers and dedicated to ensuring that BOFA is the name that’s easy for you to do business with. And this quick guide will help put faces to names.

We’ve provided details of the best contact points and all the team can also be reached through our UK head office on +44(0) 1202 699444 and / or via email sales@bofa.co.uk. Full details are also on BOFA’s website.

Meet the team →
UK Sales Team
Geoff Williams - UK Sales Manager

Geoff Williams
Sales Manager, UK

Geoff has over 25 years’ technical sales experience and joined the BOFA team five years ago. He has worked at a senior level in the fume extraction industry since 1999.

Geoff is the key contact for OEMs, distributors and re-sellers in the UK.

He leads the UK sales team as well as providing sales support for end user businesses.

Mobile: +44(0) 7500 924473
John Twigg - Sales Manager - Europe

Barry Caesar
Southern UK Sales Engineer

Barry has a wealth of knowledge of extraction systems in many industries including welding filtration, having worked in the sector for more than a decade.

He joined the BOFA team over three years ago and provides sales and service support for customers based in the south of the UK, including south Wales, south of the Midlands, London and the South East.

Mobile: +44(0) 7768 189252
Home Office with Answerphone – +44(0) 1256 768994
Graham Mattok - Business Development Co-ordinato

Graham Mattok
Business Development Co-ordinator

Graham joined BOFA nearly two years ago, and is an established fume extraction industry specialist. He brings 14 years’ experience and over 30 years in senior operations management roles with leading industries.

He is a key contact for businesses interested in growth through exploration and development of new opportunities, for both existing customers and those interested in partnering with BOFA in the future.

Tel: +44(0) 1202 802168
Global Sales Team
John Twigg - Sales Manager - Europe

John Twigg
Sales Manager, Europe

With 14 years’ experience in sales, customer account and project management in the technical manufacturing sectors, John joined BOFA in 2008.

He is the main contact for OEMs and distributor partners in mainland Europe, providing technical sales support and project management as well as having a keen interest in mutual business development.

Mobile: +44(0) 7789 007597
Skype: jtwiggbofa
Dan Bettridge - Internal Sales

Dan Bettridge
Internal Sales

Dan is the key contact point for distributors, resellers and OEMs in the laser industries across Europe and worldwide including the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

He has specialist knowledge of the laser engraving industry, the market and applications developed over nearly a decade with BOFA. He is interested in hearing from distributors wanting to work with a world leader.

Tel: +44(0) 1202 699444 - Ex: 244
Skype: daniel.bettridge
Marilyn Joslin - Global Accounts Manager

Marilyn Joslin
Global Accounts Manager

With extensive experience in delivering the highest standards of customer service over 21 years, Marilyn joined BOFA eight years ago. She is a main contact within the sales and marketing office for key customers worldwide.

She works in tandem with the service and marketing teams in house to co-ordinate services. She also responds to day to day enquiries and ensures any issues are resolved promptly and professionally.

Tel: +44(0) 1202 699444 - Ex: 230
Skype: marilyn.bofa
Eleanor Lloyd - Sales Co-ordinator

Eleanor Lloyd
Sales Co-ordinator

Eleanor, or Elle as she’s known in the sales and marketing office, is the backbone of support for the team’s delivery of high quality customer service. She maintains the official records, co-ordinates responses, quotes and ensures customer sales and operational enquiries receive prompt responses.

Her role as a key member of the team includes the co-ordination of roadshows and exhibitions as well as new product development projects.

Tel: +44(0) 1202 699444 - Ex: 245
Skype: elloydbofa
Product and application specialists
John Horsey - Research & Applications Engineer

John Horsey
Research & Applications Engineer

John has been designing dust and fume control systems for more than 30 years and is acknowledged in the industry for his expertise. He works alongside the R&D team, playing a key role in developing new technologies and product solutions.

As an accredited engineer and renowned industry trouble-shooter, he is able to advise on all aspects of fume control, with particular experience in laser processing. Contact John with questions on new applications, system design, filtration technology, health and safety issues and LEV testing.

Tel: +44(0) 1202 699444 - Ex: 226 or 211
Richard Heard - Product & Applications Specialist

Richard Heard
Product & Applications Specialist

Richard has been with BOFA for nearly 10 years and is one of the key in-house technical product experts, advising on technical queries, performance and applications solutions. He works closely with John Horsey to provide BOFA’s industry-leading customer technical support service from one-off extraction systems to complex high performance, high integrity installations.

He is usually the first point of call for technical queries, many of which can be resolved quickly via phone and email and he also holds the P602 proficiency certificate.

Tel: +44(0) 1202 699444 - Ex: 250
UK Technical Engineers
Tony Beech - Service Engineer

Tony Beech
Service Engineer

Tony has been helping BOFA customers achieve the necessary COSHH and other compliance standards for a decade. Field and office-based, he works with customers across the south.

He supplies first hand expertise in LEV testing applied to installation, commissioning and general maintenance plus repairs advice and support when required. He also holds BOHS certificates PE601and P602.

Tel: +44(0) 1202 699444 - Ex: 248
Jim Nelson - Technical Sales Engineer

Jim Nelson
Technical Sales Engineer

Jim has spent over 15 years in the extraction and electronics industry and joined the BOFA team nearly two years ago.

He is the main point of call for technical support, service and sales predominantly in the north of England, Scotland and around the UK as needed.

He is a fully qualified and accredited electrical engineer. He also holds BOHS certificates PE601and P602.

Tel: +44(0) 7824 150510
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