iQ2 Operating System

iQ2 Operating System BOFA Patented Technology

The Next Generation Operating System

The iQ2 operating system is pioneering the future of fume extraction. It brings multiple performance enhancements for higher efficiency of extraction, individual filter status monitoring and integral design features that combine to deliver a lower cost of ownership. And most importantly, it addresses the issue dreaded by most production teams - downtime - by minimising the potential for interrupting production for unplanned filter changes.

BOFA Patented technology

The iQ2 Affinity Operating System - Patent Application No:1609111.8.

Fieldbus Connectivity Intelligent Customer I/O Interface - Patent Application No:1609116.7.

BOFA iQ2 Graphical User Interface
iQ Operating System

iQ Operating System BOFA Patented Technology

Advanced extraction monitoring and control system

The new and revolutionary iQ Operating System performs at two distinct levels. Where operators benefit from the ease of operation and clarity of real time information, the system also provides a cache of analytical data enabling users to download performance and operating parameters for evaluation purposes.

BOFA Patented technology

Patent No: GB2 499 812

iQ Display
C5 Cyclone

C5 Cyclone BOFA Patented Technology

In-line cyclone for heavy particulate, to extend your filter life

Most people are aware of cyclone separators thanks to Sir James Dyson and his vacuum cleaners.

Cyclone separators are very efficient at capturing particles of 20micron and larger, i.e. visible to the naked eye.

Unfortunately laser marking generates a range of particle sizes from 0.1 micron upwards so standard
cyclone separators are not suitable.

BOFA International commissioned the University of Southampton in the UK, using CFD (Computational
Fluid Dynamics) techniques, to develop a cyclone to operate more efficiently at these lower particle sizes.

The cyclone separator has been design specifically for use with the AD Oracle extraction unit and is
installed between the laser extraction point and the extractor. The airflow generated by the extraction
unit powers the cyclone.

BOFA Patented technology

C5 Cyclone
C5 Cyclone